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Measuring Process

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Measuring process for bespoke

Over sixty measurements are taken to create the perfect bespoke suit. Apart from these measurements our tailors use a special range of instruments to measure different aspects of the body. For instance differences in shoulder incline, rounded back, and stooped head. Everything is then taken into consideration to provide the perfect fit and visual appearance. A custom card pattern is created for each client and retained in our cutting rooms.

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Measuring process for made to measure

At Jeff Banks Savile Row we have over 90 fit suits, these range in size from a 36” chest to a 58” chest in each of our three blocks, and in most cases three different lengths. Our tailors will select the closest fit to the individual shape. We will then take note of anything up to forty adjustments that will need to be made to fit your body shape.

The suit is made through complete for delivery and small adjustments can be made at the time of collection, except for sleeve length if the cuffs have been buttonholed.

A client can request that trouser length and cuff buttoning be left until the suit is tried on - this can then be completed within 3 days. All adjustments are made on our block patterns, but an individual card pattern is not retained.  

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